About Meeee

My name is Leandra: I love snacks and I love the city. I am dedicated to bringing you a taste of what I love of NYC and beyond.

I am a culinary culture, restaurant and food blog enthusiast, joining in with my 2 cents. What I lack in cooking skills, culinary knowledge and general photography prowess I make up for in sheer passion and donut lust.

As a child, I often fantasized about by accident getting locked in a supermarket. And only at this moment am I realizing this was not “common”.

“Ahhh.. Peanut butter…… It just fills in the cracks of the heart” – Paul Blart, Mall Cop


2 thoughts on “About Meeee

  1. Leandra, what a perfect blog. I love your writing style and photography. My only problem is that you make me crave absolutely EVERY food that I can’t get in Uganda. Maybe if you wrote about rice and beans…or jackfruit…I would start to crave the local foods here.

  2. Ana Lisa

    I have been reading this for a while and I love it! I am living vicariously through you and your adventures. I love food… reading about food, looking at food, everything food…especially the eating part. I love your writing… just figured out how to “follow you”.
    Keep eating and writing and I won’t eat and just read, it’s just better that way.

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