I’m (maybe) back! (Should I come back?) or, A New Day For Snacks and the City.

What can I even say? If you’re a close personal friend of mine you know that I am terrible at responding to emails and often try to make up for it with a big dramatic apology, often using this phrase “what can I say?” repeatedly. Well, I guess there’s a lot I can say! I could write a darn blog post and keep writing them consistently and just not be a quitter for once and bring this blog back to life and KEEP IT GOING.


I miss this darn blog so much. It’s unacceptable that I stopped. But in my time away I’ve really thought long and hard about what and why and how Snacks and the City should be.

This blog started when I was bright-eyed and ready for anything – a young PR assistant with a fearsome boss and paltry paycheck. But boy, did I fall in love with the New York food scene. And I quickly learned that even those of us living on a shoestring budget could go out and enjoy the best of NYC. It’s a play on Sex and the City, a show that basically portrays the very antithesis of who I am. SEE WHAT I DID THERE?

Maybe it was a $9 glass of wine at a cozy neighborhood standby, with dinner consisting of free bread & olives, the dim lights and business-y crowd giving an aura of classic, old-school NYC – this restaurant has stood the test of time and hey! there’s still room for you.

Or a dirty martini at the West Village’s finest hot spot – rosemary fries and a side order of brussels sprouts. Split it with a friend and $23 lets you be king of the world, if just for an hour or so.

10 Best Croissants in NYC! 9 Fall Desserts You Should Try! 5 Iconic Bakeries To Bring Out of Towners! And while $4.50 a pop ain’t cheap for sugar, butter & flour, it’s still sort of the change you find in the bottom of your purse or scattered on your desk or in your couch and just like that, you’re part of it all.

Of course the blog grew; we talked about food in other places, other cities, other homes. Shout outs to friends and my favorite bloggers. Food adventures and my sad attempts at baking. Then, I changed jobs. The chance to work at Serious Eats, previously one of my favorite food sites, was nothing short of a dream come true. And what’s more, I got the opportunity to return to my roots and write about cereal.

You see, before I fell in love with the restaurant scene, I left my heart in the grocery aisle, between the cookies & chips. Cereal was, of course, the holy grail. This was all because of my childhood, my dear mom trying to raise us right with nothing but unsalted almonds & dried apples by way of snacks. She worked hard to instill healthy eating habits, which I’m so thankful for, but while some of those habits did stick, a deep, desperate desire for those forbidden snacks was born.

So, at Serious Eats, I waxed poetic on the glories of cereal and sometimes about ice cream and chips and snack cakes too. It was a grand old time. It was … the best time.

But ah, change. You can’t stop her.

I’m at Food52 now, a beautiful site with inspiring content, teaching me to be a better cook. Content – ya like that? I’m a real live advertising sales media person now. Scary.

Times have indeed changed. I’m married now (to the very best guy) and after blowing through my savings in 2008-2010, I can’t ‘hang’ in the restaurant scene like I used to. Or at least I’ve learned it’s not wise. Sure I’ll try a new spot now and again, but you’re more likely to find me sipping an icy cold IPA in our neighborhood cafe/bar or trying for the 58th time to make banana bread that stays moist (for the love of all things good and holy why is it so hard?!) Plus, my time writing about the glories of the grocery aisle mixed with my experience in the big bad world re-ignited my fascination and love for cereal, cookies, chips & snacks.

So here’s what I’m thinking.

I’ll try to remember what it was like to be that fresh-faced, innocent young girl who got excited at the sight of a macaron and chronicle my NYC food adventures. I’m also going to bore you with my kitchen escapades as I learn to become more comfortable in my own kitchen – domestic, I think they call it. And NEW to blog, we’re gonna talk cereal, cookies, snack cakes, chips & the like. I’ll start with some old Serious Eats content, but I’ll get back in to the groove eventually. Gang, I don’t really know what I’m doing but I know that I have to at least try. Thanks for your listening ears/eyes over the years, those of you who’ve encouraged me along the way. I can’t tell you what it’s meant to me.

ok no more boring words. Let’s do this thing


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