Every Time I Try To Leave + Possibly The Best Donut Ever

I’ve given every excuse in the book.

Terrible camera. Terrible computer. No time. Already work for a food blog and don’t want to pretend to be a food blogger when I don’t have the skillz. WordPress is for chumps. Not worth it to keep posting every 7 months and then stop.

WELL GUESS WHAT? Here I am again. I have upgraded my camera from an iPhone 3 to a slightly less grainy but no more skilled iPhone 4. I am pretty much broke from simply trying to live life in NYC. I still don’t really have time to blog nor have I acquired any news skillz. And I’ve found even more real life amazing food blogs that are so good and I would have to put in serious time and effort to make this lil scrap of a blog look ok.

WHAT I AM TRYING TO SAY IS…..I miss this blog. I’m still here, with nothing but my passion to back me up. Well, passion and…


This particular beauty “found me” in a matter of speaking. My boyfriend Sammy and I were contemplating a bike ride to famed Bushwick donut spot Dough which started getting a lot of press after this feature uh….featured its beautiful offerings. Click on over and take a peek at THOSE beauties. They’ve haunted me for years now. I’ve been wanting to make a trip out there so badly! They sell them at Smorgasburg, the amazing outdoor food offerings at the Brooklyn Flea (IF YOU HAVE NOT GONE GO NOW!) but the one day I went this summer it was approx 98 degrees with 100000 percent humidity and the thought of eating a donut was unbearable.

So, uh, long story short we nixed the bike ride because let’s be honest, I’m terrified of urban biking, and took the subway over to one of my favorite areas, Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens (shout out to Melissa, your neighborhood misses you!)

After exploring several places to eat, Sammy suddenly got VERY hungry (not an unusual occurrence) forcing us to duck into the amazingness that is Union Market, for a snack. After he selected an awesome TomCat bakery pretzel roll and a grapefruit juice, I settled my sights on the bakery case. And there, shining like a sugary beacon of glazey light, were several offerings from Dough! I of course chose the hot pink one, because I am never NOT going to choose hot pink food. It turned out to be Blood Orange!

When we later unwrapped the donut, it had suffered a wee bit but not in the flavor department. FOLKS – THESE DONUTS. Doughnut Plant, cover your ears please. This baby was light and fluffy, soft and pillowy with a sweet, tart, orangey glaze whose flavor can only be described as, orange hot pink. The candied Blood Orange peel was the perfect edible decoration to this masterpiece. This might have been the best donut I’ve ever had.

I feel terrible saying this, but this place might have Doughnut Plant beat. I have no choice but to go and sample every single flavor. WHO’S WITH ME?


3 thoughts on “Every Time I Try To Leave + Possibly The Best Donut Ever

  1. Wow…. I want one of those yummy donuts!! Keep on blogging…. I enjoy without gaining a pound. Thank God I am not in NY because I would be joining you. LOL We love you, support you and pray for you sweetie. Much love, Leslie XO
    Proverbs 3:5-6<

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