Pistachio Yeast Doughnut (from, well, where else?)

“Say Leandra, you might be asking, it appears that you have only posted 3 times since you’ve been back and all 3 posts have been about breakfast sweets, what gives?”

Well, 1. Breakfast sweets are the best kind of food items that exist and I wish this entire blog and my entire bank account and calorie intake was dedicated to them.

2. All other reasons don’t matter.

It is no secret that I am a HUGE fan of Doughnut Plant. Much like Clinton Street Baking Co.’s pancakes, Doughnut Plant puts out a true quality treat whose interesting flavor combinations only enhance the baseline excellence of the item.

On the morning that this treat was purchased, I was not going on a doughnut adventure nor was I with a large group, so I could not merit getting more than one doughnut. I despise having to choose a flavor, (it’s almost cruel), but thankfully whenever pistachio is offered (whether it’s for macarons, gelato or anything else) my decision is made that much easier.

Plus, I mean, just LOOK at that beauty.

Doughnut Plant almost NEVER disappoints, and this time was no exception. The sweetness of the glaze balances perfectly with a full blast of nutty pistachio flavor that permeates the entire doughnut. This is a big statement considering my love for the place, but this is one of the very best I’ve had there. Like, top 3.

That’s really all I have to say about this guy. Pistachio flavors and donuts, 2 of my absolute favorite things, so a combination = the treat of my dreams!

Ok – something savory coming up next!


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