A Truly Special Treat at Bouchon Bakery

Bouchon Bakery is one of those places to which someone at myself should be a frequent visitor . But my first visit was just this past week, when I met my wonderful friend Carrie at the Rockefeller Center location for an early breakfast. I spend most of my NYC life below 14th street, so I always forget how much fun and different it can be in the northern regions of this great city. There’s something very “New York” about being in midtown on an early weekday morning. It’s the New York that is featured in romantic comedies and morning shows, and there’s something comfortingly cliché and touristy about it that makes it refreshing break.

The ever-amazing Thomas Keller is the man behind Bouchon Bakery, which has several locations around the country and is probably most famous for its TKO’s, or homemade “oreos”. The site gives you plenty of great pics and info, which is a huge plus for a bakery enthusiast like myself. I was enthralled with the intricate pastries and delicacies. I had just seen this mint chocolate cake on Serious Eats and seeing it in person was….well it was exciting for me. Bakery fangirl. I was contemplating various muffins or maybe the Raspberry Almond Croissant when I laid my eyes on these guys:

I’m obsessed with Pop Tarts as it is. Growing up, we were NEVER allowed to have them. I remember seeing commercials for the Wild Berry Pop Tarts and wanting them more than anything on this sweet earth. My mom would occasionally get some health food brand version which was just INSULT TO INJURY. Truth is, as much as I hate to admit it, Pop Tarts are FAR better in concept than in reality. When I reached college, I was free to get allll the vending machine Pop Tarts my heart desired (just one small factor to the Freshman 25 I packed on…). Sure, the crackly frosting has a certain appeal, the tiny bit of fake-fruit, super sugary jam is ok, but in the end they just aren’t good.

Well, Bouchon Pop Tart was indeed purchased.

This is a superior pastry. The fact that it’s called a Pop Tart and has sparkly pink sprinkles on the top would have been enough to have me love it forever but this thing is DELICIOUS. Flaky, buttery crust gives way to tart berry filling, with just enough of a vanilla glaze and sugar crunch to make it a sweet treat. I’d like to say I’m returning to Bouchon Bakery to try its other offerings, but I’m making a beeline back for this guy.

If I were a baked good, I would be this.

Happy Valentines Day. Me + Bouchon Bakery Pop Tart = True Love


2 thoughts on “A Truly Special Treat at Bouchon Bakery

  1. Carrie

    I love this post…you have a way with words. I would have just said it was super awesome, but you help people understand just why. That was a fun day and I’m so happy to have shared it with you. But I was not so happy to share that pop tart. In the future, I will be ordering my own. 🙂

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