Where I’ve Been…

It’s been just about a year. Well, over a year since I’ve graced this place, but the ill-fated snacksnthecity.com was last posted on sometime last winter, I can’t tell you when, exactly, because my web host basically lost the page…except why am I not all that crushed? Sure, I lost a good couple of posts that are probably gone forever, but for some reason, signing back into WordPress, I feel a huge sigh of relief. Did the dot-com go to my head? Should I have pushed through the roadblocks and the formatting and the spam comments? Should I have poured my heart into marketing this little old blog – gotten myself a couple of dollars a month through ads? (my very reason for moving off WordPress in the first place, I am now sorry to admit) With all these questions running through my head, the most important thing was lost – my love and passion for this blog!

When I made the switch, I happened to be in quite a stressful time of life – things were shifting in my home, in my relationships, and most importantly in my job. Working 2 part-time jobs is not for the faint of heart, (and even had it pretty easy). My head felt like it was full of marbles about to spill over onto the floor where I would slip on them and crash to the ground (or…something like that) The good news is, a year later, things are far better than I could have imagined! I work full-time for my absolute favorite food blog, Serious Eats. To try to express the wildness of this fact is to imagine someone offering you a role in your favorite TV show. Or something of that nature. It’s more awesome than I could have dreamed. Aside from the marketing/advertising I do here (and LOVE), I have my own cereal column – an actual dream come true!

But something is still missing, and I now realize, it is this blog. I kept making excuses – I’ll wait til I have time to sort out the whole web host thing, I’ll wait until I buy a really good camera, a really good computer…but this kind of thinking would have me off blogging forever. I even started to lose heart in the whole thing – while I always proclaimed that this blog wasn’t meant to be a “contender” among the many millions of food blogs out there, I started to get insecure that my crappy iPhone photos and excitement over silly Food Network things weren’t sophisticated enough (especially now that I work with such real live food people) But, to be very cheesy, I’m going to follow my heart. This blog (and all you dear ones who have read it) is what helped me follow my food dreams, so, I’m bringing it back!

A note: I STILL DO NOT HAVE A NEW CAMERA. Still rocking my iPhone 3 (the horror) and the occasional instagram photo, to be even more annoying. BEAR WITH ME GANG.

Thanks to all of you that have stuck with me! These first few posts might be a bit shaky….


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