Snacks in a Historical City

Erin and I back in summer 2008, looking like the nerds that we are

I believe I’ve mentioned before my dear friend and college roommate Erin hails from Gettysburg , PA….a wonderful place filled with excellent food spots with  the best one being her house!! I love visiting Gettysburg. There is something about the rolling green of the battlefield, the quaint town where everyone knows each other and the traditional, country-chic coffee shops and restaurants. It is a restful haven that brings fruit stands in the summer (including the picture on the top right of the page) and cozy tea parties in the winter.

There is always an awesome spread for when we arrive. One summer, I was so hungry and crazed from the drive I desperately polished off a block of sharp cheddar and endless local hard pretzels before I even got my bags out of the car, while Erin and her mom looked on in mild horror.


This time, there was a Kendlehart classic, an ADDICTIVE cheeseball and a plate of smoked salmon, cream fraiche, capers and onions. Basically all the foods I wanted to eat at that moment. (Sharing a room with someone for 4 years integrates you so deeply into someone’s life that Erin and I can basically read each other’s minds.) Not pictures are delicious shrimp and mango salsa! Pics are thanks to Giavanna. She was also on this trip and is not to be forgotten 🙂

We had a simple breakfast of coffee, toast and fruit the next morning, on a sun-dappled kitchen table.

BUT clearly that wasn’t enough, so we decided to bake up some scones mid morning!




Ready to bake!

Cranberry and walnut scones, turned out pretty darn good.

An afternoon cheeseball snack…with onion jam…AWWW YEAHHH

Another thing I MUST consume in ‘burg is DAIRY QUEEN. I grew up without it, and never realized its glorious goodness until Erin introduced me. Instantly a devoted fan. The Pumpkin Pie Blizzard is just straight up mind blowing. It’s actually difficult for me to look at this picture, thus is my love for it and DESIRE TO CONSUME IT NOW.

Next we tried to make mulled wine and put it in this awesome ceramic pitcher.

Well it came out HORRIBLE. So….there was it.

Switched over to cocktails made of vodka, lemon juice and champagne. Nothin’ wrong with THAT.

Our final food adventure was The Lincoln Diner! I love diners as it is, but this town was made for them. This was honestly one of the best diners I’ve been to.  Great local vibe, good prices and the FOOD…

I ordered your basic egg breakfast, with rye toast, sausage and hash browns. I think the picture says it all. This was a 10.

Erin got French Toast (uncharacteristically, this gal normally goes savory on brunch) which, once again as you can see for yourself, looks incredible.

Can’t wait to return to Gettysburg in the summer, when we can enjoy wine and cheese at the local winery, burgers and brews at the popular restaurant The Pub and as always, a DQ blizzard. I’ll need the next few months to decide what flavor I’ll get, after all.


One thought on “Snacks in a Historical City

  1. turtle

    What a lovely ode to “the burg” and all small towns. Who needs a trendy chic restaurant when theres the lincoln diner down the street and some delicious treats to be made in a sun dappled kitchen. When Robin reads this entry she is going to be tickled to death I declare.

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