You had me at “build-a-biscuit”

Disclaimer: Peels has been getting a lot of press.

I have held off on going out to brunch for the past few weeks in a desperate attempt to save some coin. But with a Monday off and a happy willing group of friends, I could not resist. Throw in a hot new restaurant and wild horses couldn’t keep me away. (pick credit- Ray of Ray and Eunice)

Bottom line: Peels is everything you want in a restaurant and more. Lovely country-chic yet somehow atmosphere (kind of just blew that description…) Their breakfast menu is wonderful and southern inspired and extensive! Check it out here. Most notable is their “Build-a-Biscuit” program, where you are able to pick meats and cheeses and other items to put on their critically acclaimed biscuits. (And the critic that acclaimed them is me)

I was so overwhelmed by the beautiful setting, menu options and good company that I almost had to excuse myself from the table.  Thankfully, Eunice took charge and ordered a pastry basket for the table.

Sorry to say, Balthazar, but this one put you to shame. Peels’ bakery is a thing of beauty. Creative and DELICIOUS treats. We have pictured above:

A Peels Muffin: buckwheat, rosemary, lemon marmalade, A Savory Scone: Goat cheese, chives and pine nuts, Banana Bread: chocolate, candied ginger, Monkey Bread: mascarpone frosting, Anzac Granola Biscuit, and a Homemade Graham Cracker (shockingly maybe my favorite). Erin took charge of splitting everything into 9 pieces. She is a brave lady.

Eunice’s hot chocolate. Pretty sure my dear friend is on a quest to try every one in the city.

Their phenomenal Stumptown coffee and water in a cute milk bottle.

I split a biscuit with Erin. It was truly a thing of beauty. Perfectly cooked eggs with cheddar on an incredible biscuit. (She ate the avocado).

Another biscuit with ham and eggs

We also shared granola with yogurt – now normally I have no patience for an overpriced bowl of yogurt and granola when I can just make it myself any day of the week but this was really special. The yogurt was tart and tangy and the granola had all SORTS of seeds and grains and dried fruit. And it came in this coolio jar.

WELL that’s all the pictures I took. I honestly cannot wait to go back to Peels and work my way through their entire menu.


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