Oh Donuts, it’s been too long…

I am often tempted to just turn this into a donuts only blog…so strong is my love for them.

After graciously posting my trip to Doughnut Plant on her amazing site, the lovely and talented Jessie at Cakespy suggested I go to  Peter Pan Bakery in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Set in the heart of the Polish-influenced Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Peter Pan Bakery has been praised by the likes of Tina Fey and acclaimed throughout the online food world as a can’t- miss donut location. Allegedly there is a donut ice cream sandwich???!!!

Lovely little store front with plenty of people buzzing around.

I was so pleasantly surprise by this gem. Though in the past I have stressed the ability to “eat cheaply” while still hitting the hottest places, my bleeding bank account has told me otherwise. THIS place, however, is famous and special and TRULY inexpensive.

Um, this picture was taken seconds before I ordered. I was so crazed and eager to just get on with it, that I snapped the world’s worst picture. Oh well. But you will notice the lack of color on these babies – they aren’t messing around with novelties. You have your basic powdered, cream, chocolate, cinnamon flavors dominating. No cutesy signs either. Just raw donutty goodness.

Up close.

And personal.

Coconut cream filled donut and chocolate coconut donut. Both very tasty. Definitely not the “artisanal, flavor conscious” type, more of the old school, not too sweet, well crafted DONUT taste.

Their famous red velvet donut – incredibly most with a unique flavor. Dense and cakey in all the best ways. I would travel back for this one!!

My absolute favorite of the bunch, a honey cruller. WOW. This donut was near perfection. Not overly sweet but definitely unique with the honey element.  LOOK AT THAT GOLDEN BROWN GOODNESS. I’m about to smash my computer screen in envy…of myself…at that..moment…

So, if you are looking for a great and absurdly cheap pastry shop off the beaten path, Peter Pan is place. Worth the “trek” for sure.

Though this barrage of donuts left me nearly drugged with sugar, it only served to re-awaken my donut lust. ONWARD!


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