Squeezing out the last of 2010

I’m not even going to try to come up with a clever story of why this rogue assortment of pictures is about to come your way. To be blunt, I’m dumping out old iPhone photos. Nervously getting back into the blogging saddle…

Um…first person to come up with an underlying theme through these pics gets a prize.

DELICIOUS Bloody Mary from the painfully hip Standard Grill. Don’t let the pretentiousness of this popular Meatpacking restaurant stop you from enjoying a tasty overpriced cocktail in a charming setting. Anyway, this thing was DELICIOUS. A note: You can fight against the very nature of a Saturday afternoon in the Meatpacking district (as everything in me wanted to) but it will always win you over. Shortly after this drank, we came across a few costumed men doing a marketing stunt for British designer Ted Baker’s new retail store. We obliged them and visited the store, to find a party filled with fruit pies, mulled wine and a very friendly, very British (and possibly drunk) Ted Baker himself who extracted himself from the “bird” he was lounging with to embrace (and kiss) myself and my companions. That’s a businessman.

I do love living in the West Village, despite its absurd price point. I happen to live in a nexxus of highly acclaimed pizza places – namely Keste, Joe’s, John’s and Bleecker Street Pizza. I am partial to Bleecker Street and had never tried John’s because of its long lines and no slice policy. When I finally visited the other night I was VERY pleasantly surprised with not only delicious DELICIOUS pizza but a breath of fresh air, atmosphere wise. Don’t get me wrong, I love a dimly lit-mason jar studded-wildflower decorated-locally sourced-Mumford and Sons playing – mixology savvy hotspot as much if not MORE as the next guy, but John’s is a taste of OLD New York. Dive-y atmosphere with waitresses that are real New York broads not bandana wearing hipsters. The walls are covered in gritty art and autographed celebrity photos. The whole place just has a vibe of old New York. It’s funny that that’s a novelty now. WOW I am writing novels…but one more thing.

Individually wrapped cookies from Momofuku Milk Bar…Compost cookie (Pretzel, potato chip, chocolate, butterscotch and more – incredible) Chocolate cookie (MIND BLOWING and I don’t even like chocolate cookies) Corn cookie (Tasted like creamed corn..it was WEIRT) and.. well I’ll go ahead and stop here. I have big plans to do a FULL PIECE on the amazing Milk Bar. So, be patient.

Baked brie and Kahlua cake at Melissa’s dinner party…the girl knows her way around a kitchen, end of story.

 Oh and the theme of these pictures is….my clothes are a little snug.


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