What Can I Say….

Friends…Family…Reader(s)….I’ve been gone an inexcusably long time. I am embarrassed and ashamed…I am hanging my blogging head. How could I have turned into one of those blogs that just stops posting?

NO I say, NO..it will not happen. Circumstances have gotten in the way, my blogging passion has waned BUT as long as there are snacks and I am in this city there SHALL BE SNACKS AND THE CITY….

I keep trying to stop typing but I can’t. This post makes zero sense. I’ve been a terrible blogger but I vow to make it right. Here is a picture of some very VERY VERY tasty coffee walnut cookies I made (shocking) of out the book Chewy Gooey Crispy Crunchy Melt-in-Your-Mouth Cookies by Alice Mendrich. Giavanna got it for me for Christmas. It was my favorite present. And I showed my gratitude by forgetting it in Florida.


2011…Big snack things coming…forgive me…more to come!


One thought on “What Can I Say….

  1. Anne

    WELL IT’S ABOUT TIME! I have been religiously checking SATC everyday… I was about to give up hope (like I did with my own silly blog)… but alas! a new post! THANK YOUU!

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