Making the best of it

If you didn’t hear me the first 500 times I AM BROKE. My bad, bad restaurant habits (among other things) have really gotten me into a pickle.

SO, when deciding where to have dinner with my dear friend Pat, we came up with a  perfect spot! His apartment. Yes, we would cook. But what? Sometimes ingredients can be equally as expensive…

Then it came to me, in the spirit of Hannukah…POTATO LATKAS. I deeply love latkas, and hadn’t had them in years! The recipe I found on only needed eggs, potatoes and onions! A delicious pauper’s dinner!

No but really…3 potatoes at 39 cents each, an 80 cent onion and 2$ of eggs. We regretfully forked over 5$ for olive oil and then somehow a pint of Ben and Jerry’s got in the mix.

Then we retreated to the kitchen, where we opened a bottle of wine and simultaneously questioned eachother and congratulated eachother on the coming together of our meal…

Egg, potato, onion mixture

Nervous beginnings…

Looking better…


Questionable liquid from equally questionable Trader Joe’s applesauce…

Actually, they were delicious! And totally worth the fact that the smell of frying food followed us out of Pat’s apartment and hopped a ride on my hair/clothes for the remainder of the night…


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