Florida Round-up


Here is a smattering of the rest of my snacks there…

Thanksgiving leftover sandwich. I think there were more components added after this photo but was too busy eating it to re-take.

Farmer’s market specialty pasta with an assortment of grilled veg, pesto, cheeses and oils.

Bok Choy that I battled with…when attempting to wash I found HUGE SQUISHY worms and creepy revolting bugs on it UGH IM GAGGING NOW RIGHT THINKING ABOUT IT. I screamed my head off but got the job done.

Homemade pizza with my Dad…my 8 year old boy handwriting listing the kinds we would make.


Olive oil

Sauce, cheese….

I attempted to imitate Domenic DeMarco (of the famed DiFara’s in Brooklyn) by cutting fresh basil and pouring olive oil on after it was done…I mean it wasn’t QUITE as good. We later made a pesto ricotta pizza and a pepperoni onion pizza.

My favorite people…my grandparents…had to throw it in.

The delicious looking batter of some lemon poppy muffins.

Spoiler alert: The muffins were not good. I blame the recipe

Big Italian Sandwich!!!

With tomatoes

MMMM look at all that goodness! Soppressata, salami, ham, provolone, lettuce, roasted peppers, roasted onions, tomatoes, oil/vinegar/herbs.

Until next time!!!


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