A Tale of Two Cookies

I have this idea that I love to bake…

Me, looking like a nerdy tween, happily baking

I’m not entirely sure if this is true yet. My fascination with food began as a child, making fake meals out of flowers and dirt and sand and rocks, or helping bake something by stirring or adding. While cooking….intimidates me…baking seems friendly, just a happy mixing bowl where eggs and vanilla and butter and sugar join into a big happy whirlpool whirling and swirling into DELICIOUS COOKIE DOUGH….HURRAY! I DO LOVE BAKING. No but really, I do.

Anyway, I picked out two cookies to make for Thanksgiving, from Martha Stewart. One of them was something I’d been dying to try, inspired by my co-worker Erica’s amazing apple rosemary tart: rosemary shortbread cookies. For the other recipe, I searched maple on the site and came up with a maple sugar cookie, which sounded like heaven itself.

I began with the rosemary ones. I also had this idea that I would try to be like Pioneer Woman and photograph each step of the process. My erratic iPhone photos don’t exactly have the same draw as her work of art but..WHATEVER it was my first time!

Began with the classic creaming of butter and sugar…is there anything better?

My mom always taught me to beat eggs before adding them, I decided to throw the vanilla in with them as well. I have an infatuation with vanilla extract. I always add a little extra.

Love this sight. Vanilla, butter, sugar, eggs MMMMMM.

Dough, with chopped rosemary about to be added. Um, insert picture here of beautiful rosemary sprigs and me expertly chopping them. Alright …that image doesn’t exist.

While the rosemary dough chilled, I began on the maple.

Tried to get a little art-ier with my photos (or the light happened to fall that way and I thought “COOL…how did that happen??”) Anyway, BUTTER….SUGAR…I want to jump in and roll in it!

Egg yolks added one by one…

The money shot – pure, beautiful, REAL maple syrup. I deeply love maple, it’s one of my favorite flavors (if not my very favorite).


OK – let’s cut to the chase. We’ll look at maple first. The recipe called for them to be finished with a drizzle of syrup. AND YET…with ALL THAT MAPLE…somehow I still barely tasted it! I have to say, these cookies were a disappointment. They wer a perfectly good sugar cookie but only at rare times did I hit on that true maple flavor. Still tasty just…a bit boring

Well…they looked good…

MY PRIDE AND JOY…wow…if I do say so myself (well, kudos to Martha I suppose) these cookies were amazing. AMAZING. They may be an acquired taste…because we are dealing with rosemary here but wow. Crispy and salty and sweet and the rosemary fits perfectly with the buttery cookie WOW.

Um, I will CERTAINLY be making these again.

I loved doing these so much, I am forcing myself to make more cookies. So, stay tuned.

Oh! Recipes here: Rosemary and here: Maple.


9 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Cookies

  1. joyce

    I’m having a reception for Robby after church on Dec 26th….these would be great on the table. Come to Edenton and be my cookie maker!!! YUM!

    How would some maple flavoring extract enhance the others, I wonder?

  2. Dara Cahaney

    The chandelier changes everything. I’m gonna get me one and transform my rather mundane “ma’s baking cookies” into … “Princess d’Ara’s spreading love and joy thru the land!” It’s how I truly feel anyway! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. gigi

    I’m into maple cookies-you can make them into sandwich cookies and fill with a good maple buttercream, I wouldn’t rule them out completely. MMm

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