It’s been so long…

IT’S BEEN FOREVER! I am overwhelmed with the amount of food fun I want to share and my fingers won’t obey my commands to type faster…TYPE FASTER I SAY!

WOW. I’m back, baby. Spent a warm and wonderful 5 days in Naples, Florida in perfect weather hanging with no one but my sister, parents and grandparents, cut off from the world…got to love it…YOU’VE GOT TO. But that doesn’t mean there wasn’t plenty of snacks to be had…it’s just that I actually had a hand in making them. Don’t be alarmed.

Ok…ok…where to start…so much to say…I’m out of breath…OK let’s start with the obligatory Thanksgiving post. I’m sure everyone loved their own Thanksgiving dinner and everyone has their own traditions and favorites or read magazines with beautiful pictures or seen great stuff online but LOOK AT MINE NOW. Ok? Would you?

Shrimp….it’s..just shrimp…

A very unique concoction of roasted pears and onions…strangely good…

Roasted carrots, potatoes, fennel…don’t worry that isn’t dill on top ( I DESPISE DILL) it’s also…fennel..what’s the deal with fennel anyway? like, is it an herb? a vegetable? Maybe I should have looked that up before this post began …too late. Ok wait I just googled’s both part…um..MOVING ON..

Amazing brussel sprouts with shallots and mushrooms.

Cornbread stuffing with apples, sausage and mushrooms. I LOVE STUFFING.

The turkey…every year my dad cooks it differently…each year a new flavor, a new disaster, a new panic…it’s tradition! (It always turns out well).

A very special additon, our dear Thai friend makes her delicious soup!!!

THE PLATE – Bird’s eye view.

THE PLATE …again.

A perfect bite of maple sweet potato, cranberry sauce, stuffing and turkey…MMMMMM.

The meal was amazing. Afterwards, we played Catchphrase. My grandma got the (electronically generated) phrase “stark raving mad” and her clue was just 2 minutes of straight screaming. We were all frightened. She instructed us never to give her one like that again. I deeply love my Grammy.

A great meal…more to come!!!

Oh wow, I just realized there was no dessert shots. Um… I have to be honest, we had a rogue apple crisp that turned into more of an apple sauce and a Costco pumpkin pie……OH AND THE COOKIES I MADE…which we will save for another post.


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