Nothing says the holidays like…

Ah, but another post on office snacks.

I have to say, my office does know how to do snacks correctly. Chocolate cake, cookies, and wait, did I tell you about the make-your-own sundae bar we did?


The holidays are a dangerous and wonderful time of bountiful holiday treats. Everyone is in the spirit. But there is one holiday office treat that has haunted me since my childhood…I remember seeing it in offices, in places like Staples or Office Max…like a beacon of holiday goodness sent as a gift in cheesy packaging….


As a child (ok..still now…) this thing blew my mind. Seemingly endless amounts of caramel, cheese and butter popcorn, encased in a garish holiday tin, stale from the moment you open it, coating your teeth, filling your body with empty calories and just when you think you are done…NO YOU WAN’T MORE.

Nothing says the holidays like an office popcorn tin. I just scraped a few final kernels of caramel off the bottom. It is 10:01 am.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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