Anddd I’m back

APOLOGIES – I have not posted  in several days and fear I am quickly on my way to fading from your memories!!

Where to begin, it was an eventful week!! But since it’s the “holiday season” and its Monday morning…let’s have a tasty holiday pick-me-up, like my co-worker Lauren so kindly gave me the other day.

Lauren, of 5 Leaves fame, has been known to leave me treats on my desk…and make my entire day!

Note reads ” pretend it’s not from Starbucks” because, no offense to them, but they aren’t exactly the picture of a quaint goodie haven.

Upon opening, I discovered a Cranberry Bliss Bar, nestled in wax paper of course.

This seasonal treat from Starbucks is comprised of a blondie base, with cream cheese frosting, laced with orange zest, and topped with dried cranberries.

Honestly, this business is INCREDIBLE. Moist cake, zesty frosting, tart cranberries, surprise white chocolate chips hiding nestled amongst the BUTTERY BLONDIE GOODNESS….

A delicious autumn-y, thanksgiving-y treat!

(The incomparable Cakespy made her own, of course)


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