My brother lives in Inwood. It’s NYC’s best kept secret…a beautiful neighborhood with ample park and trees, quiet streets and great rent. The drawback is it’s on 207th street..a bit too far NORTH for most folks. Anyhow, Giavanna and I made the trek to spend a wonderful afternoon with our brother…eating, strolling, lounging…mostly eating.

On the menu – Pumpkin Pancakes!!! What better Fall brunch is there? And we aren’t talking a pumpkin pancake mix, this was batter with pumpkin puree and various spices…amazing. I was up close and personal as my bro cooked them up.



THE TABLE (note seasonal decor, real maple syrup, butter coffee, fresh berries.. IS THIS HEAVEN?)

When he realized he was out of powdered sugar, he made it by putting regular sugar in the coffee grinder! Who knew? (Well…I didn’t) I knew he was a renaissance man but REALLY.

THE PANCAKES…..I mean, these were so FREAKING good I could have eaten them plain but….

PANCAKES with various accoutrements…butter, syrup, powdered sugar…berries…FEEDING FRENZY!!!

A fantastic meal for a fantastic day (by a fantastic guy).


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