Dreams really do come true

After my desperate Toasted Marshmallow Shake post, my dear friend Carrie emailed me (possibly joking?) “Let’s go get one!”

Suddenly, all the stars were aligned. Stand, a burger place best known for their toasted marshmallow shake once featured on Food Network’s “The Best Thing I Ever Ate”, is just right around the corner from my office.

My incapability to produce the shake within my own skills and means were suddenly obsolete. The shake was suddenly within my grasp.

Me, Carrie and her precious little daughter Ellie arrived at Stand with only one thing on our mind. We went through the formalities of lunch. I made a quick glance at the other shake flavors for future reference. AMAZING! I want Maple Almond.

Shoving lunch into our mouths as fast as we could, we ordered the shake before we were even finish. (After making the heart breaking decision to just get one small one to share).

IT ARRIVED IN ALL IT’S GLORY. It’s not as cute as Joy the Baker’s but MMMMMM!!!

Let’s see that in another angle.


The taste verdict: Life changing. Heart stopping. Deep marshmallow and vanilla flavors blended perfectly, a whirlwind of whipped cream and ice cream and everything that is good and right in this world.

What more can I say? Go to Stand. GET THE SHAKE. I certainly know I’ll be back to try the rest of the menu. Possibly in one sitting.


5 thoughts on “Dreams really do come true

  1. Chlo

    WAIT was this your first time to the STAND? The burgers are slightly overrated but their sweetpotato fries (and multiple fries options, period) are GREAT.

    I enjoy their toasted marshmallow shake – but the sharing idea is definitely the way to go.

  2. No, I wasn’t joking! And it was sooo yummy. Even though we had to share the marshmallow and ellie at the toasted part of it.
    I like mother’s idea. This is a great second breakfast for Thanksgiving! Bravo, mother!

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