Chocolate Adventure

I’m not one of those people who is like, an absolute fool for chocolate. Yes, I love it but I don’t have like, embroidered pillows on my bed talking about how great it is or anything. (Come, you KNOW those women)

HOWEVER – last night’s 20th anniversary celebration at La Maison du Chocolat absolutely floored me!

 Prisca and I journeyed to the far away land of the Upper East Side, only to find a huge line of people waiting to get into the event! We were having horrible flashbacks of LE DISASTER. But, we tried to stay positive. We could hear a band playing and promises of chocolate treats awaited us, so we decided to wait it out. Soon, a man approached with a tray of tiny cups with hot chocolate.

WOW! This was SERIOUS hot chocolate. Like Willy Wonka style. Like rich, sweet nectar warming my soul.

Then, we were much happier.



The room bustled with happy chocolate eaters. The interior is lovely,  elegant yet inviting. Kind people proffered treats as we made our way through an orderly assembly line.  I am desperately trying to be a better blogger, so whilst juggling 3-4 items on various napkins I was hastily snapping pics and being pushed by the woman behind me. So FORGIVE me if the quality is less than stellar.

Lemon cake – a palate primer for the chocolate onslaught to come. Delicious.

Chocolate ganache tart – incredible! My #3 choice of all.

MACARONS!!! I can’t even get a grip on how I feel about macarons…the variety, the colors, the shape, the flavors THE TASTE…lets get a closer look…

We were allowed to choose one flavor…Vanilla, Chocolate, Coffee, Pistachio, Caramel, Strawberry, Orange and more. My mind was spinning, I was nearly at the brink of tears – WHAT TO CHOOSE??!!!?

Prisca chose caramel and I finally decided – PISTACHIO.

I DID NOT REGRET IT. Incredible. #2 overall favorite. Next to it, a slice of very tasty chocolate raspberry layer cake.

Still reeling from my macaron, I then tried two more treats: a caramel filled eclair and a passionfruit filled chocolate. Unfortunately, I hate caramel and had to eat just the shell of the eclair, which was SO GOOD. The passionfruit was a bit strong for me, but the bottom cookie was amazing.

I know the above item looks gross but OH MY. I mean….I gotta be honest, I don’t know what it was. Some sort of pudding like item with big pieces of toffee and pralines. GOOD GRACIOUS ME THIS WAS #1. Wow.

This event was great. Sure, it was a long wait and very crowded, but they handled it really well. And it was SO worth it for a free taste of all these treats. I need to gather my pennies and return to La Maison du Chocolat ASAP!

Also if you are a chocolate lover, you should spend some time on their website!

A big thank you to Frenchie for taking me.


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