(That’s the way my best friend Alex pronounces it)

Who doesn’t love them, really? Especially my sister Giavanna (I mentioned you).

I’ve shown you THIS.


I’ve shown you these.

Now, I bring to you via Serious Eats a slide show of NYC’s great sandwiches, to celebrate National Sandwich Day.

This is my Frenchie co-worker Prisca’s sandwich. Bresaola, butter lettuce, and butter! Delicious. Those French and their butter…and yet she remains in fantastic shape. (Possibly because she doesn’t participate as heavily in office snacks as I do…)

Well, I will tell ya, I wish I could have a sandwich for lunch today. Instead I am having day 3 of  the economic choice of undercooked brown rice, frozen green beans and a tiny allotment of chicken breast. ITS GETTIN OLD, GANG. Which brings me to an important point…

FRIENDS AND READERS – I am broke. This restaurant habit is killing me. Have to take a few weeks off from dining out (the thought makes me want to sob) in the meantime, I shall try to keep you entertained otherwise.


3 thoughts on “SANDWIDGES

  1. Giavanna

    a) I can’t believe it’s national sandwich day and I didn’t know
    b) I can’t believe I’m not eating a sandwich right now
    c) Thanks for the lame mention, I don’t know if you really captured my PASSION for sandwiches in that one line….
    e) WWL
    f) I’m so hungry and cannot afford a snack.

    1. mother

      what about sangwiches? as per Simone
      what about sangwiches in wax paper?
      what about kenny’s 101 olive/avo/cheese sangwich
      what about thinly sliced cucumber on sangwiches

      and stop with the no $$$$ a mother feels bad

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