Fool me once…

An article in the New York Post via just caught my eye about a mixology class at Clover Club.  So cool! Except…well…. you see I’ve taken a mixology class once before….

It all started with Groupon..which is a great site, by the way, for those of you who don’t know. Discounts for great stuff. Well, my friends Jason and Grace and I all saw a $20 mixology class and jumped on it. We all appreciate a well mixed cocktail and were envisioning a classy, dimly lit room with fresh juices, herbs, expertly cut ice, glassware and top shelf liquors (or …at least..that’s what I was expecting…)

Let me just paint you a little picture of what we walked into – It was a sports bar for one (I don’t want to give them any bad press so lets keep them unnamed) which was alarming to me. I literally was envisioning individual shakers and glassware …but instead we walked into an awkward room of people milling around. A very attractive, enthusiast bartender called for our attention. She informed us that she would start by making some drinks to show us and then give us a chance to do it ourselves. The group seems less than enthused, so she revved things up by saying, “Actually, before we start, who wants to do a shot? SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS!” and offered, like, 3 people a shot.

Bewildered, we approached the bar to watch her. She began by pouring a beer. Followed with how to make a rum and coke. Then, a long island iced tea. My mind was spinning…where is the fresh basil? The Elderflower liqueur? The bitters??? After a third time of yelling “SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS” she paused, “Am I crazy? Am I the only one who knows that song?” Nervous laughter. I did indeed know that song. It is by the artist Lil Jon. I wanted to go home.

In the end, I think it was an experience I would not trade. From the petite man who jumped up onto a table trying to impress our bartender to the girl who just went and laid down on a couch in the back in the middle of the “class”… friendships to treasure for a lifetime.

I’m sure Clover Club’s class will be amazing but I cannot go down that road again….


2 thoughts on “Fool me once…

  1. Grace

    HAHAH!!! And I’m trying to remember that quote… something like:
    Bartender: How about another request?
    Tipsy Girl: Yeah, Another Request! Make that one!

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