Tater Tots from Crif Dogs….HAD TO HAPPEN. Had to. No but it was an emergency.

Homemade pizza by Melissa..delicious and beautiful.

Cookies from Roccos. (This one’s for you Anne) There is nothing like the sweet taste of an Italian bakery cookie. Brings me back to the holidays of my youth when I literally would be downing 12-15 cookies after a huge holiday meal rendering me motionless (boy a whole lot has changed since then…..)

A beer that my friend Noah MADE! Delicious and so unique. In case you are wondering, yes, that IS medical examiner Melinda Warner in the backround…as I am never NOT watching Law & Order SVU. I LOVE SVU.

Steak burrito from Rocking Horse Cafe. Love that place but I always seem to over do it. MMM pickled onions.

Chocolate cake from Strip House. Brought kindly into the office, by InsideF&B.com journalist David Ransom. Office snacks deserve a post of their own. There is such a culture to them…someone breaks out some treat just as you as struggling to eat healthy that day and everyone circles it politely awkwardly pretending to discover it like “Oh! Oh..what’s this? Is this? Wow” and then starts carving off tiny pieces. Thankfully we are past that in my office and just shove each other out of the way to get to said treat.


7 thoughts on “Portraits

  1. ROCCO’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUM YUM YUM
    Those cookies look amazing! UGH how I miss random weekday night dinners at the DOG and dessert at Rocco’s!
    Wait… maybe I just… MISS YOU!

  2. hey le! im interested to hear that you had a good meal at Rocking Horse. I had heard about it last year from a post the Sartorialist did on places he likes to eat during fashion weeks. My friend Di and I were super excited to try it for restaurant week last summer summer and were equally devastated with the way over salted tuna. Ugh, it was horrible, we sheepishly said something to the waiter and he admitted they’d been hearing similar complaints lately… but nothing was taken off the bill. It was in-edible. DEV. (and the margaritas were less than par…). Maybe they were overwhelmed by restaurant wk? Maybe the chef has an insanely heavy hand for salt? He maybe doesn´t understand that sea salt develops a deeper flavor as it cooks? Whatever it was I vowed never to go back. Verrry interesting!

    Keep bloggin boo.

  3. leandralyon

    Laur – you are such a commenting blogger. I will say this…I have only ever been for brunch, and had pancakes and this burrito. Another plus to this place is that they put out chips and salsa at all hours of the day, 11am included. But very interesting..I don’t think I’ll venture for dinner!!!

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