Treats from the Weekend


McSorley’s on tap = $2.50 Burger =$6.00 An evening at Corner Bistro with my prom date = utterly priceless

Chicken sandwich from Corner Bistro – a huge mistake. I’m an idiot. Get the burger, it’s what this old school West Village  favorite is  famous for. Geez, amateur move on my part. I know better.

Drinks at Clover Club. Been wanting to visit Julie Reiner’s highly acclaimed Carroll Gardens cocktail den for a while (that’s in Brooklyn for you silly people who haven’t dared venture there) . It met and exceeded my expectations. It was pleasantly filled, not uncomfortably packed, for a Saturday night. GO THERE. And check out this great article on Julie.

Speaking of GO THERE – you must, at all costs, go to Five Leaves in Greenpoint (This blog should be called Snacks in Brooklyn….) This cafe/oyster bar is clearly a local favorite that just seems to have everything right. I’m trying not to go crazy raving about it but I was deeply impressed. Everything from their amazing menu, to friendly vibe to the hipster but not TOO hipster decor to the utter deliciousness of their food…wow. This place rules.

Intelligentsia iced coffee (I am not normally one of those people who can tell one coffee from another but WOWIE this was good) came with its own little cream and its own simple syrup. WOW.

My friend and co-worker Lauren (the saint who introduced me to this spot) had insisted I get Ricotta Pancakes days earlier, so I was saved from the gut-wrenching struggle of the sweet vs. savory brunch decision. THE MOST STRESSFUL OF DECISIONS. Or is that …just me….am I..?

THE PANCAKES. THESE WERE MINDBLOWINGLY GOOD. Soft and crisp in all the right places, topped with some sort of walnut maple butter and so much fresh fruit.

Hastily snapped second photo, with a rude banana trying to take center stage. 

Lauren’s BLT with avocado and truffle fries. I thought I didn’t like truffle fries… I was wrong.

Prisca’s Big Breakkie – eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, tomatoes and toast.

Aftermath of an amazing meal. Yes, that is REAL maple syrup, not that I would expect less from them at this point. Nerdy sidenote: their pastries are sourced from Celi-Cela, which just earned the number 1 spot on Serious Eats’ Croissant Round-up.

Delicious weekend.


3 thoughts on “Treats from the Weekend

  1. Giavanna

    I can’t believe you posted that chicken sandwich embarrassment on this blog. Didn’t Sammy and I do a good enough job bullying you about it?

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