Snacks Outside the City

Spent a lovely, quiet day in the fair hamlet of Huntington, Long Island while my mom was visiting. I could easily do a whole post on the glory of Huntington food…

Example A – Egg Sandwich from Porco’s, Example B Chicken Ricotta Slice from Rosa’s…but let’s save that for another day…

My mom and I went to the Mediterranean Snack Bar, a Greek place I’ve been going to my whole life. I never strayed from the basics of pita, greek salad and falafel.

Pictured here. Unrivaled perfection of greek salad.

For SOME STRANGE REASON that day I decided to go off the beaten track and order a gyro.

Now, I love gyros. Deeply. I think I was taught as a child to stay away from them (among other things I later grew to love – MARZIPAN..we’ve lost so many years…ahem) but later discovered that intoxicating mix of lamb..blend and cucumbers and yogurt sauce in a warm pita package is AMAZING.

“Wow” thought I, as that plate sat down in front of me. “That’s a WHOLE LOTTA MEAT AND ONIONS.” Good grief was it! Nary a cucumber or lettuce in sight. I kind of gave up halfway through, lost in a haze of MEAT AND ONIONS and upon returning to the house fell into a deep oniony slumber. GROSS. time I’ll stick with the salad.

Later that day, I went over to our friend Nancy’s house for a little tea party. Nancy has amazing Martha Stewart-esque crafting skills. She makes everything so fun!!

Oreos classed up on a pretty plate (I was halfway through my 4th when I realized I had just been eating them robotically with no notice of how many I had plowed through…)

Beautiful teacup, some sort of Earl Grey blend inside.

We encroached on their dinner and got to sample some amazing butternut squash, again on a beautiful plate.

Too bad I was tasting onions for the rest of the day.


4 thoughts on “Snacks Outside the City

  1. Pop

    this is quintessential Leandra Lyon….a perfect blend of humor, insight, memories and a way of putting one word after another that just says…..Leapy

  2. Le, I feel your pain. Tonight I craved something other than pizza or pasta and headed to a Doner Kebab hole in the wall joint around the corner, sat down with my first order of a pita filled with questionable sliced meat, lettuce, tomato, tzatziki sauce. Ate that in 3 minutes. Then feeling sheepishly still hungry, I ordered a pita with chicken and yogurt sauce TO GO!!!! Got home. Housed that. And now can confidently say that I will probably explode and/or pass out in the next twenty minutes. Happy Friday!

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