New Amsterdam Market

***I was going to title this post “A Meal of Samples” and make it a new feature where I tell you where you can go to make a meal of samples but….I felt that…somehow took away the sheer elegance and class of this blog…..right….but see now I just still told you that this post involves a meal made out of samples, (just in smaller font.)***

Riiiight ANYWAYS the reality is, you should go to the New Amsterdam Market no matter what. It is a WONDERFUL farmer/gourmet foods market right under the Brooklyn Bridge at South Street Seaport.

The first thing I tried were these incredible lavender shortbread cookies from this precious lavender farm….ugh see I don’t have the name. ( I was just wandering aimlessly before I suddenly remembered WAIT I have a blog and tried to make up for lost time. ) Anyway, since my lavender doughnut at Doughnut Plant, I have been LOVING lavender. Plus earlier that day I had a horrible dry flavorless choc – lavender cupcake. Ok I need to stop tying the word lavender.

Next was a variety of amazing cheeses from Narangansett Creamery. Award winning ricotta served with figs and honey (mind-blowing), a salad of tomatoes, raisins and feta, and the Atwell’s Gold cheese above were all divine.

Followed by some tasty bread from Orwasher’s Bakery.

La Newyorkina serves up flavorful latin beverages like Horchata, Tamarindo, and Pasion, a blend of passion fruit and orange, which we got and was refreshing and delicious!

Onto MORE CHEESE, from Painted Goat Farm….I literally could not stop talking about this Goat Cheese with Rosemary and Fig for the rest of the day, until I was told to pipe down.

Various spreads and apple, cheese and chutney sandwiches at Sweet Deliverance.

Pickles from Sour Puss

Lovely breads from Sullivan Street Bakery

Pates and what not from Brooklyn Cured

Mast Brothers Chocolate – Stunning packaging, incredible chocolate. WOW.

Salts from The Filling Station (Giavanna says DO NOT try the espresso one)

Nordic BREADS. Interesting.

Taza chocolate.

There was also this INSANELY delicious Caramel Apple Mascarpone ice cream from The Bent Spoon which I made a HUGE deal about and then awkwardly slid away without forking over the $5.00 a serving.

Good grief! I’m just a poor career girl trying to make it in the big bad city, gotta catch a free meal when I can.

Oh, the market is every other Sunday. Or every Sunday. Um..check the website.


2 thoughts on “New Amsterdam Market

  1. I was just thinking how hilarious it would be if I did a similar post about my market experience today. Dead chickens, proposals of marriage, “why do you have a black child?”, whole skinned cows dripping blood on my shoes, exchanging 1,000 greetings before asking any questions, and raised eyebrows when I asked for a sample of anything before buying it. What different worlds we are living in. I miss yours. Thanks for writing and letting me bask in America-ness for a few minutes. 🙂

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