A (delicious) Second Helping of Life

My absolute favorite event that I get to work  is called A Second Helping of Life – an all female chefs walk-around tasting event to benefit SHARE – an organization that provides peer support for women with breast and ovarian cancer. An awesome event for a great cause. This year’s event was the best yet, of the 3 years I have gone. There was such an amazing representation of restaurants like Babbo, Pearl Oyster Bar,  and Marea, not to mention April Bloomfield, of the Spotted Pig and the Breslin (who New York Magazine recently said “runs New York” in the restaurant realm).

If I was a real blogger, I would have taken nice photos and documentation of every item but instead I ran around like a crazed maniac with frosting on my face snapping blurry iphone photos in hopes of getting to the next table. So…..yeah, enjoy all that.

Amy’s Bread always serves AMAZING BREADSTICKS and hummus and olive tapenade. The first year there I was starstruck upon meeting the AMY in Amy’s.

April Bloomfield. UM. She rules. End of story. She made ham-hock soup..which before I tasted it I was like eh and then after I was like WOWIEEEEE WOW GIMME SOME MORE OF THAT SOUP. So, that’s how that went.

Buttercup Bakeshop – DELICIOUS.

Oops I guess I didn’t take any more pictures. I was too busy stuffing my face with lobster rolls from Pearl Oyster bar, porchetta from Porchetta, apple and fig brioche from Babbo, guacamole con frutas from Dos Caminos, shredded beef tacos from Suenos and noodle paella from Txikito.

There were also several “celebrity” sous chefs in the mix.

Kelly Choi with acclaimed Inside F&B.com writer David Ransom

Dana Cowin, Editor of Food & Wine Magazine and just the picture of CLASS. Man, what a lady.

Um, Teresa Guidice from the Real Housewives of NJ… I really don’t have any words to describe her..

The event is amazing and I was privileged to be part of it.

We were invited to an after party at the Spotted Pig. Above is the brew that Ken Friedman, the owner, bought for me. I know I have bored you to tears at this point but this kind of stuff is a HUGE deal for me. To be creeping around the 3rd floor where a bunch of chefs were hanging out, with Anita Lo and April Bloomfield a few feet away was just AWESOME.


One thought on “A (delicious) Second Helping of Life

  1. You’re so cool! I want to stuff my face with you next time. I am not cool enough to go though. BTW, I loved this “Man, what a lady!” You should have said that about the NJ housewife. SO ironic.

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