Pink and Blue


(I love this image)

Pink is for Pinkberry  – watermelon and original with chocolate chips, honey roasted pumpkin seeds and 2 measly raspberries

Blue is for the (frightening) blue light on this sushi from Alpha Fusion. My dear friend Chloe urged 5 of us to stuff our faces with more sushi than imaginable (we had to order 100$ so we could get a half off discount) No one could move after this and then I went across the street and got the Pinkberry in the picture above…

Pink is for Strawberry Milk Daifuku (the name alone is cool). I hope by now you know me well enough to know this kind of thing REALLY GETS ME GOING. Fascinating little Japanese treats from Enju, introduced by Lindy.

OK ONE MORE PICTURE. These are mochi-like on the outside, with an extreme strawberry flavor and some sort of sesame paste filling.

Blue is for um…I’ve run out of blue things. (Can you tell that this post was me trying to somehow fit these pictures into this blog?… oh I guess I just gave it away)

Um.. Blue is for Pabst Blue Ribbon. (This one’s for you, Maria)

Uhhh this post is weird.


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