Treats with my mom

Ok let’s get this straight: Just because my mother fed me the likes of kale, tempeh and apples growing up at home, she knows how to TREAT HERSELF (I mean, who do you think taught me?) She is visiting me for the week, and for me, it has been a wonderful all expenses paid trip to delicious meals and snacks! (THANKS MOTHER) 

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We went to Kingswood for dinner… a delicious meal and gorgeous restaurant, though by the end my sister and I had gotten into a heated argument that may have involved shouting and escalated into a full family fight. But I mean, please, totally standard for every family having dinner right….wait..right? 

When the dust settled we went to Perry Street, an oft forgotten spot in the Jean Georges Vongerichten empire (which unfortunately just lost a Michelin Star). It was lovely to be able to sit in their beautiful lounge, even on a Friday night at 10:00…the design of the place allows it to be full without feeling crowded. I had a fantastic basil cocktail and desserts. 


Passion Fruit Souffle 


Sweet and Sour figs 


My mom and I had lunch at ‘wichcraft, the casual sandwich part of Tom Colicchio’s Craft restaurant empire. I mean…the man knows how to make a sandwich. And a bowl of soup. And a cookie. 


 My mom styled this one, though I protested…but …this one looks better. Of course. We had a grilled cheddar and ham sandwich with pears on pecan and cranberry bread. Everything was just so fresh, all the ingredients tasted so good and the tomato soup was incredible. 


We split this peanut butter cookie with peanut butter cream. Yeah no that…wasn’t going to be enough cookies. Barely an appetizer. 


Went back for lemon poppy with jelly filling (they make all their jelly from seasonal farmer’s market fruit) and an oatmeal with caramel frosting. Both INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS. Like, if I close my eyes I can find the sensation of biting into the crumbly, BUTTERY, SWEET AND SALTY COOKIE…… ahem…. 


We dined at Commerce as well. Love this restaurant, tucked into a sweet nook of the West Village, boasting a bread basket (above) I could write a sonnet about. (Featured here, appropriately) We split a bunch of appetizers, of course, server was less than enthused but too finkling bad. 




Rare beef tataki with soy, ginger and shiso. 


Fall vegetable fricassee with truffle and poached egg. 


Sweet potato tortelloni with hazelnuts and pomegranate. 


Squash with apples and bacon. 

Not pictured, fois gras and duck terrine. 

A great week full of great treats. (Thank you mother!!!)


One thought on “Treats with my mom

  1. Frank

    great to be with you! (it’s me)
    (I think your photo looked better

    your father made kale/potato/sausage soup tonight…
    very good…

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