Le Disaster

My co-worker Prisca (who happens to be French) and I were extremely excited about attending the trendy event Le Fooding,  set up by a French organization to benefit Action against Hunger. The event pitted chefs from New York and San Francisco against eachother and for $50 you could experience the offerings of renowned chefs like David Chang, Nate Appleman, April Bloomfield, Jeremy Fox and more. I really was thrilled to be going.  Read more about it here.

Photo Credit NYMag.com

We went light on lunch, not wanting anything to mar our experience, dragged ourselves to Queens where the event was held, and arrived HUNGRY at about 6:50pm to get ready for the 7pm event. The line stretched longer than I could describe and then began moving at a slug’s pace. About 25 minutes later when we finally got to the door, Prisca and I were faint with hunger and I was ready to go home and burn all my clothing as I watched  hundreds of stylish French women prance by….

ANYWAYS….the scene above is what we entered to. Mob city. Which…was fun at first. Big crowd, Friday night in NYC, yeah yeah everyone’s having  a good time. We bee-lined it to the champagne, only to find they were out of glasses, so we got in line for  food instead.

Fifteen minutes later, I ate this beauty (actually it looks gross…)in about 3 seconds flat. Scallop with unknown goodness (sorry) Still able to taste that it really was delicious. But over…so quickly.

This was the next line we waited for, Jeremy Fox’s  cucumbers in miso, whipped nasturtium flower, square roots and coffee and lavendar marcona almonds. After about 25 minutes, Prisca and I weren’t speaking to eachother as we desperately ate the meager portions of food with hopes of not passing out. Yeah the almonds were good but at this point I was getting ANGRY and HUNGRY. We went for the pizza line.

Well I stopped taking pictures at this point. After eating a whisper thin piece of burning hot pizza from Pizza Moto and downing a thimble of wine, we had had it. After one more long line and tiny piece of rogue goat cheese on bread, Prisca and I angrily left the event. RUDE OVERSOLD EVENT. Never again.

From there, the night got much better. We sat outside at a lovely nearby French bistro Tournesol and I had a good old basic chicken dish. I would have eaten dog biscuits at that point, I was faint with hunger. But this was really tasty and I think there was some sort of rule at that place where they only hire tall, strapping, gorgeous French male models as servers…..

My evening that began at the high end of the food world ended at the lowest – I picked up my friend Alex and we drove out to Long Island, arriving at about 1am. We were HUNGRY and wanted to pull a real high school move and get late night Wendy’s. It was closed, unfortunately so…..we went to McDonalds. Honestly, I cannot remember the last time I consumed McDonalds, if ever, but after a night when the high end food world had chewed me up and spit me out, the warm, artificial taste of a chicken mcnugget soothed my very soul.

And then for the next 48 hours my body made me pay for it DEARLY…..


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