The Taste of Victory

Astoundingly enough I actually completed a half marathon yesterday…needless to say I am in agony today and I think I have completed my exercise quotient for the rest of my life! Right?

Anyway, my friends decided on an post-race IHOP celebration. I have to admit I was slightly WARY…although from approximately mile 7 – mile 11 I was in deep, heart-wrenching indecision about whether  to have a Belgian waffle or some sort of egg breakfast. Well, actually at some point I decided definitively on the waffle and was mentally smearing butter into EVERY NOOK…

Let me just tell you IHOP in the Bronx on a Sunday afternoon is an EXPERIENCE. Surprisingly, the food was REALLY GOOD and our server was wonderful and kind.

MMMMMMMM Belgian waffle, side order of sausage (boy do I love breakfast meat) and a chocolate MILK. MMMM.

YIKES that is up close and personal!!! Several friends of mine went with a rather brave choice of steak and eggs……

MMMMM….the sweet taste of victory!


5 thoughts on “The Taste of Victory

  1. Chlo

    let’s just be honest here…i deeply regretted the decision to go for the steak and eggs. my body was NOT pleased. it was good…while it lasted. ha

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