Dining Out – The Commodore

I have several posts that should come before this, things I have been meaning to write for a while but I cannot continue without talking about the sweet harmony of me + biscuits + honey butter = 2gether 4ever and ever AND EVER………



Picture from NYMag.com

Had a great evening at The Commodore in Williamsburg, which opened back in May. It, along with Pies N Thighs and Seersucker, have created a sort of fried chicken hype in Brooklyn. I am a fool for fried chicken, I am not ashamed to say it. It is not a sexy food to love and I DO NOT CARE. I love it deeply, but not as deeply as I love biscuits. These are foods I so rarely eat because obviously it just doesn’t get worse for you than these deep fried lard-y treats. But I TREATED MYSELF last night.

First off, the vibe is awesome. It’s sort of a dive bar, with booths and you order food at the bar and seat yourself. Happy hour is until 7, which means 2 for 1 brews.

I partook in fried chicken, biscuits, corn chowder, and grilled cheese. My fellow diners sampled the “hot breast” chicken sandwich with coleslaw and pickles and a fish version. When ordering and asking the waitress for help, she actually said, “well, if you are trying to be healthy….” Wait, I’m sorry, what? I am looking at a menu filled with biscuits and bacon and pork and you are trying to sell me a 9$ green salad? If I wanted to eat healthy I would not have come here. Unwelcome comments were ignored. GIRL YOU CRAZY.

Chicken sando.

Corn chowder with bacon, SO flavorful and delicious, the corn was still crunchy.

MMM Grilled CHEE with hot peppers. Look at the grease glistening on the PLATE. It was incredible.

I just…I can’t even put into words how I felt about this plate. Before it was even placed on the table I was grabbing at those biscuits like it was only them and me in the room. Right before eating it, I realized there were 3 sauces on the plate, 2 for chicken and one …oh yes.. UPON TESTING found it was honey butter. I mean, to describe the sheer joy of a biscuit made with lard dipped in honey butter…I mean, I sort of feeling I’m exposing a private moment…. Well the chicken was incredible, tender and crisp and just amazing.

If you are looking for a cheap, fun, gluttonous dining experience, I beg you, head for Commodore. That place is what’s up.

Also, I think underneath it all I am a 300 lb Southern man and may just pack it in and head for the deep south…


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