Family, fun and a failed attempted at Meatball Shop

Me, my sister Giavanna, my bro Jeff, my cousin Rich and his boyfriend Steve were all extremely excited to experience MEATBALL SHOP in the Lower East Side the other night. I checked the menu several time. Rich had done extra cardio. We were READY. 


The evening began with pre-dinner drink at Rayuela. I’d been wanting to go there sometime; leading mixologist Junior Merino is a consultant. Had a delicious drink with cucumber and other refreshing biz. Great ambiance. 

We foolishly approached Meatball Shop at 7:30 on a Thursday expecting an instant table. I mean, the place has been getting a TON of press. (No but, it actually has). We were told 1 1/2 hours. GOODNESS ME. Hungry bellies waiting ready for meatballs were not pleased. 

So, with battling iphones and apps we eventually settled on Spitzer’s, a great LES haunt mostly known for its extensive beer collection. Total hipster vibe, with a rustic, airy yet very nighttime ambiance. We sat down at one of the long wooden tables and ordered a variety of surprisingly great food. 

Cheese plate devoured by starving, meatball wanting people


Tasty lamb sliders...still not meatballs


Surprisingly good roast veg salad


We made ourselves feel better by saying that  upon exit we would get a rogue meatball sub from the first crappy pizza place we saw but….we ordered fries for the table… and finally agreed meatballs would wait for another day….


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