Breakfast at Balthazar

Photo from

Keith McNally is a hit maker, plain and simple. The restaurateur is best known for his swank, overpriced, formulaic “hot spots” like the meatpacking favorite, Pastis. (Not the biggest McNally fan if you couldn’t tell) Pizza place Pulino’s on the Bowery opened earlier this year to MUCH fanfare, and his re-vamp of the West Village classic Minetta Tavern basically owned the food news for weeks.

Photo from Morandi's website

Though his style isn’t my favorite, I’ve had awesome experiences at the beautiful Italian place  Morandi, which spills a well-dressed crowd onto the sidewalk of Waverly and 7th ave. And when you walk into a Keith McNally restaurant, you cannot help but get the feeling of that New York City movie life that no one actually lives. Balthazar is the epitome of this concept.

Breakfast with some lady friends in Soho on a weekday morning. Balthazar, thanks for keeping the fantasy alive.

Standard granola and fruit

I mean…it’s over priced, gang. But I mean it’s kind of like, get over it you’re at Balthazar.

BASKET O BREADS including a chocolate bread, some sort of cinnamon-sugar brioche and a croissant that brought tears to my eyes.

Various offerings of sausage, fried tomatoes, fruit.

No, that isn't my gorgeous, engagement ring. Shocking I know.

Bowl of hot chocolate. In my eagerness I burned my tongue and looking at this picture is angering me.

Wonderful except, say Keith, are you REALLY charging me $4.50 for a thimble sized mediocre iced coffee? Well wait who is the sucker that bought it….. ugh…


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