Apples, what did I ever do to you??


I just ate an apple that I picked from Barton Orchards last Saturday and as usual I have an unwelcome apple stomach ache. Also, I’m not positive but I think they give me heart palpitations. Why do I continue to eat them??

Well, at least apple picking makes me happy.

The morning began bright and early with Cathy’s honey cake. MMMMM.

Continuing with apple cider donuts….and apple dumplings. LOTTA PASTRIES, GANG.


APPLE PICTURES. Happy, peaceful apple moments…

Somehow this gruesome cold cuts sandwich was pretty good and looks kind of nice.

My friend Melissa invited me over for dinner afterwards, this is her lovely table.

Some homemade pickled radishes and other neat things.

Potatoes, which we had alongside homemade black bean burgers with sharp cheddar and a goat cheese apple and walnut salad. Um, she is awesome.

Not usually a fruit and ice cream fan but WHOA homemade pears in red wine with mulling spices over vanilla… incredible.

Oh, apple picking, such a lovely adventure, why does it yield disastrous results?? Ummm and by that I mean the fact that apples do not sit well with me…yeah…that’s what I meant…


3 thoughts on “Apples, what did I ever do to you??

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