Food with Friends – Anne

Since food plays such a major role in my life, obviously food with friends is common occurence. I don’t need to ramble on about “food bringing people together” and all that jazz, but yeah, there are fun food memories associated with certain friends that are very special.

This is my dear friend Anne. We’ve been friends for…wait is it 10 years? WHAT. That is wild. She is getting married and I’m in her wedding! Very excited. Her fiance Kevin flies planes in the Navy. Very cool. In highschool, we lived about a 5 minute walk away from each other and spent endless evenings watching Lifetime movies and making spoof Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen videos… or um… I mean…hanging out with boys and…


Taste of's version of Ghouls in the Graveyard

Many food memories with Anne, like making s’mores almost every time we were together (a practice which continued onto when we both lived in the city) and the special glass I drank out of every time I was at their house, a vintage tumbler with cocktail recipes painted on it (a glass that was 4x the size of any other which came in handy when “evenly” distributing milk for chocolate milk….age appoximately 17) and the steak dinners Anne’s dad would make us and the dessert Anne’s mom made around Halloween (and later, more often by popular demand) called ghouls in the graveyard (later changed to goodles in the graveyard) consisting of some sort of pudding base with crumbled oreos and Milanos….

Anyway…I could go on. But actually the memories will expose things like me telling Anne I knew she had chips in her cabinet because I had checked earlier or eating her cereal in dry handful so she had none for breakfast… As we both grew up and moved to the city, we would get together for cookies at Rocco’s bakery or brew at Grey Dog.  BUT the point of this post is the fact that Anne is getting married! And is all grown up AND just moved out to San Diego where Kevin is stationed! Sad but excited for her.

I had the pleasure of being part of her goodbye dinner.

This, friends, this is the sight of a table around which are happy, joyous people, eating and drinking on a New York night, family and friends and food.

The dinner was at McCormick and Schmick’s, a classic New York seafood place in the heart of midtown. The kind of place untouched by fleeting trends – this is old school New York dining, and it was a real TREAT.

Anne’s dad essentially ran the place. We were treated wonderfully, everyone clearly knew and loved them. The whole table was filled with of enjoyment and love for Anne as she went on her way.

Here’s to you, goodle head!


One thought on “Food with Friends – Anne

  1. anne

    GIRLFRIEND. Words cannot describe my emotions reading this. I’m sitting in a lonely old cubicle at my new job missing you and all the treats NYC has to offer. I love this post and I love you. Miss ya goodle face.

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