It is not my week , folks.

SO here are some things that make me happy!

I’ve resigned to the fact that this blog is saturated with donuts. When I came into work this morning, my friend Lauren, our bookkeeper, had these sitting on my desk. I consumed two and then desperately tried to counteract them with green tea….

3rd one is staring at me….

A casual Sunday lunch at Abe and Erin’s yields fresh pasta from Eataly (they just moved essentially across the street) Erin rules, end of story.

The picture is kind of gross looking but the corn pancake medley and vegetarian “sausage” from Quantum Leap is DELICIOUS!!! I dream about these. Consumed them after a deadly 8 mile run (I am training for a half marathon – terrifying) with my good friend Grace, who got me into Quantum Leap (great spot with vegan, vegetarian and fish choices) and, into running for that matter.

I really wish I could beam myself to Seattle. Read these wonderful post from Cakespy and you will too. At her shop, she puts out free treats for people, just because she is that lovely. And I recognize those cookies from a mile away, that is Keebler m&m chocolate chip. I WANT THEM.


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