Ray and Eunice or… Amy Atlas I am not.


Ray and Eunice have a really pretty kitchen table. They are also going to have a baby.

Let me rewind. Ray and Eunice are my dear friends with whom  I have the pleasure of enjoying life with here. Whether it’s going to a restaurant, or being at church together or getting invited over their house for things like this:

Crepe with gouda, mushrooms, peaches and squash


…it’s always a great time with them. They are like, such effortless foodies. I don’t think they even realize. They once began an experiment of having a different cheese from Murray’s each week. They buy ingredients and spices from a legit middle eastern place in Brooklyn. They go on European vacations and eat at 5 star restaurants in Barcelona and cook their own dinner on a balcony in Italy. 

SO – when we began to plan the baby shower, I FOOLISHLY claimed I would make a dessert table like this: 


SIGH. This is Amy Atlas. GOOD GRIEF THIS WEBSITE IS AMAZING. She has an events firm that makes INCREDIBLE dessert tables. In my mind I thought how hard could it be? 

OOOOO it was HARD gang!  I won’t get into the BORING details of my harrowing, sweating journey throughout the city to find some freaking SPRINKLES. It was an orange and green citrus theme, so I had those colors to work with. Actually the table turned out ok, little thanks to me. Basically the 3 highlights were made by my talented friends. 



So basically that amazing looking cake in the middle was made by Carrie who also effortlessly hosted the entire party. 


I mean, its gorgeous. It is her grandmother’s recipe AND you will notice that the design is a cross-section of an orange. AND IT WAS SO DELICIOUS I CANNOT EVEN SAY.

 If you look closely in the back corner you will see one of the desserts had already been broken into. Probably the most popular item on the table was Cathy’s Key Lime Pie. She is a connoisseur , she even had key lime pie as her wedding cake! (PS. I love her site!!)


Of course, the ever amazing Erin designed these candy bar labels. Ray and Eunice refer to their (gender-will-be-a-surprise) baby as bambino, and underneath it says thank you for coming. I don’t think I need to talk about how cool they are. She is super humble, so I’ll just say that Erin works for a company that rhymes with Martha Stewart Living. Oh, oops I gave it away.She’s so talented it kind of makes you sick, right? 


As for the rest…well…I got all the silly candy and um “made” these amateur hour carrot cake cupcakes on which I wrote Ray and Eunice’s intials. Perhaps next time I will not go with a gel pen, which lowered classiness by approximately 94%. Also, I made tiny cupcakes with a bowl of frosting to dip in. 


I WAS rather proud of my um…dipped marshmallow pops, an idea I conceived entirely on my own. I broke up bbq sticks (hope no one got a splinter) and stuck mallows on them and stuck them in that packaged chocolate made for fruit. And then coated them in green sprinkles. I mean…THEY LOOKED COOL. Pretty sure the only people that ate them were me, Carrie’s precious daughter and Erin’s adorable nephew (both under the age of 4). But I DID have this idea of next time dipping them in crushed graham crackers to make de-constructed smores. NEAT RIGHT? 

Congrats Ray and Eunice! Can’t wait to meet your baby. Maybe by the time your child’s first birthday rolls around I’ll be rich enough off my marshmallow pop empire and can make you a dessert table that would make Amy Atlas proud.


3 thoughts on “Ray and Eunice or… Amy Atlas I am not.

  1. I loved your marshmallow pops! I ate at least one and you’re right, Ellie may have eaten the rest. But only because they were super yummy. Ummm…perhaps you’re being overly generous about my cake, but hey, I’ll take whatever I can get! Right? My favorite part of the table is the “Please write your address” card. You may think Ellie wrote it, but actually I did. Next time I will print it out…talk about lowering the classiness. Sorry!

  2. Hannah

    Everything looks wonderful! wish i could have been there to enjoy it with you all. looks like a special baby shower for sure!

    Miss you dear little sister and love your blog, you are so funny! you make me miss NYC and all that is so amazing about it….especialy the food!

    hope to come and visit soon.

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