Dining Out – Yerba Buena (Perry Street)

***Ok so…THERE’S NO FOOD PICTURES. It was just too dark. Everything came out horrifying. Apologies if you are bored, but read to the end for a surprise!!***  

The Perry Street location of Yerba Buena, the critically acclaimed Latin restaurant from executive chef Julian Medina, had been floating around in the back of my mind to try for some time now. It opened a year ago, to much critical acclaim and got a lot of good press. My boyfriend had his heart set on ceviche and did some research on his own for a good spot.  I was THRILLED when we arrived at Yerba Buena as it had gone off my radar. 


Photo Credit: NYMag.com

Ambiance is wonderful. It’s dark and lush, with lots of plants and a tastefully lit bar, where we ended up sitting. 

We ordered 1 ceviche each: Tiradito – flounder, aji amarillo, sweet potato, red onion, cilantro, maiz cancha and Tuna – sweet onion, pickled watermelon, jalapeno-soy. 

I was completely blown away by these dishes. As ceviche it was incredible but just the sauces and herbs and flavor combinations…the whole dish spoke of a chef who knows what he’s doing. 

Next we got Empanadas – spinach, manchego, Peruvian corn, chicha morada-dried fig vinaigrette. Again, the combination of FLAVORS. I consider myself an expert on empanadas being that I studied abroad in Argentina and gained approx 8.5 pounds of empanada weight (the remaining 7 pounds gained was made up of ice cream and pastries but that’s another post). 

We then got their spicy fries with yerba mate ketchup. Again, just everything executed perfectly. This was seriously one of the best spots I’ve been to in the city. Every dish was RIGHT ON. So interesting and unique. The service was great, the bartender who took care of us was charming and helpful. When my boyfriend was done with his ceviche, the bartender poured all the juice and herbs into a glass, added a HEALTHY dose of pisco and gave it back to him. I took one tiny sip and almost passed out. 

Yerba Buena – GO THERE. Do it. 

***SURPRISE! There’s no surprise I just….wanted you to read. Oops.***