Dining Out – Little Owl

It had been a long day for both Jason and I, and we needed to do our favorite thing….sit together and enjoy a glass (or 2 ) of wine, and delicious food at a critically acclaimed restaurant in our hood.

WELP there goes my budget…

Photo Credit: NYMag.com

I’d been eyeing Little Owl  (corner of Bedford and Grove Street) since it started getting major press about a year and a half ago. It was opened in 2006, another project by Joey Campanaro of Market Table and more recently, Kenmare. Side note, Gabriel Stulman, of Joseph Leonard I have spoken highly of  in the past, used to be co-owner of Market Table and Little Owl. If you look at the 3 restaurants, they are similar in country-chic ambiance, ingredient seasonality, neighborhood feel and all around greatness. He is no longer part of them and is beginning another project near Joseph Leonard and well these are things only a restaurant news nerd like me cares about.

Photo Credit: NYMag.com

ANYWAY – this place has been hot for a while now, early on it was impossible to get in, it was always packed. It still stays very busy now…at 7:00 on a Tuesday there was only room for 2 at the bar, which was fine by us.

We ordered a bottle of some Spanish white wine that was really nice. Cheapest bottle on the menu, DEAL WITH IT.

We then decided to split 4 appetizers in lieu of entrees, this kind of action (which I often do) irritates servers at classy establishments like this one. We went for: Arugula and Peach salad with figs and robiola fettunta, Duck Breast with arugula, almonds and truffle vinaigrette, Skillet Braised Calamari with spinach in a basil broth and Gravy Meatball Sliders.

When this first arrived, I thought I had been ONCE AGAIN duped by the “small plate” curse, but when they set an identical plate in front of Jason we realized they had split the apps for us. To me, this gesture was so kind it nearly brought a tear to my eye. 100 points Little Owl! Ugh sorry for the picture quality.

Oh yeah, about the food. The calamari broth was spicy and delicious, and it cooked perfectly. The salad was refreshingly and expertly dressed.

The last time I had duck it was so gamey I thought I was turned off for life. These delicate slivers sitting on a bed of greens were SUPERB. The sliders were just straight up DELICIOUS.

I was so impressed by the food here! I have to say, I didn’t LOVE Market Table and I feel like I’ve been kind of bored with menus lately, finding the food just at a plateau of good. But this was special and I will DEFINATELY go back.

I “was too full for dessert” and then basically ripped this rhubarb crisp with buttermilk gelato (SO GOOD) out of Jason’s hands. Oh, that was….after we shared a cookie plate (biscotti, chocolate chip, raspberry). I really cannot express how good these desserts were.

You are so lucky I’m not posting a video of what we did after dinner which was record ourselves singing our hearts out on duets. So lucky.


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