My WEIRD Tastes

Me, with an apple, so you don’t think I’m a disgusting slob who only eats processed sugar

You already know I love treats. Namely sugary cereals and donuts. I deeply love banana bread and pancakes and biscuits. I don’t care if that’s gross. I’m not saying that’s how I normally eat (BUT IF LEFT TO MY OWN DEVICES PERHAPS) but, it’s what I love.

Can't be bothered to look up from the corn

Also I LOVE CORN. That’s me….eating corn. THERE YOU GO GIAVANNA, you finally made the blog!!

I have a lot of strange dislikes. I am definitely in the minority in most of these cases. I don’t care for caramel and I despise milk chocolate. I prefer crunchy cookies to soft and soft serve or melted ice cream grosses me out bigtime. Strangest of all, I hate things “a la mode”. I know, you are horrified. I hate the texture, I hate the change in temp, I hate the tainting of the pastry or pie itself. IT’S TRUE. Also, I don’t really like avocado!! I’m sorry! I just don’t. I HATE MAYO. Deeply. I guess I don’t like bland, soft foods. And leftovers. Now, some leftovers, awesome. Like cold pasta or something from my parents refrigerator. But if I only eat half of a sandwich and a few hours later unwrap the other half it is GAG CITY. I just can’t. UGH.

I’ve had several changes in my life lately ( me + iphone = love, painted my room teal, forcing my lazy self to start running) including having a mouth full of filled cavities. THEY HURT, GANG. Still. And so suddenly I’m looking to soft foods. Of all my food dislikes, I think smoothies topped the list for years. I hate when they melt and then its just warm and syrupy UGH. But suddenly…

It began the day I got cavity 3 filled, and was so hungry with a numb mouth and got a banana, coconut, pineapple smoothie literally out of desperation. It was so GOOD, it was the first time I’d had one in years, that a few weeks later I, on a whim, got a Golden Fruit smoothie from Naked. It was so tasty the next day I got a Blueberry Goodness one from Bolthouse Farms. On a suggestion from my co-worker, I bought strawberry Kefir (liquidy yogurt drink) from Trader Joe’s. GOOD GRIEF, IT IS DELICIOUS.


And it’s pretty and pink. I added ice…isn’t it…pretty…or….

ummm… well….that looks like Pepto Bismol. NEVERMIND.


One thought on “My WEIRD Tastes

  1. Stephen Ogburn

    You know your taste buds actually change a develop over time. Many people find that their tastes change about every 7 years. Just saying you might think back to things you hated as a kid and give them a try. Might make for some good blogs.

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