Sandwiches with Maria

Just spent the weekend with my dearest friend Maria in Washington, D.C.

We went to some AWESOME places, with such great vibes, cafes with couches and shelves of books and good music and delicious offerings. Very different vibe than New York. I can’t explain it, just different. Unique and wonderful.

Maria loves sandwiches. I love Maria. I love eating sandwiches with Maria. Here are some I had.

The name of this establishment escapes me (surprise surprise…get a grip!) but it was lovely and this egg sandwich on marble rye was great.

Very boring looking  but very delicious chicken salad at Tryst, a very cool cafe.

Superb falafel at Busboys and Poets, another very cook bookstore/cafe. Very fresh fruit. Sweet potato fries not pictured, already consumed.

I did not account for the amount of raw onion in this meal and spent the next few hours regretting it. Later that night when I had finally recovered I ordered a vegetable quesadilla which was approximately 87% onion. NOT CUTE.


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