Sweet Revenge…Part 1

Cupcakes have gotten a pretty tough break  in the New York scene in the past year. Their Sex and the City – Magnolia- cutesy vibe that led to people obsessing over them had a huge backlash among food bloggers and the public alike. People are “tired” of cupcakes.

Ok, ok…I get it. After all, isn’t the title of this blog meant to poke fun at the very essence of that Sex and the City vibe? But I will defend cupcakes. They are delicious and creative and you know what,  when you have one with a glass of wine and a friend YOU DO FEEL SPECIAL. You do feel like you are “livin’ it”.

Anyway, let us move away from the negative and focus on a place that was an ESSENTIAL part of my introduction to the New York food scene, we go now to a story STRAIGHT out of a New York movie that people would say, “Oh that doesn’t happen in real life”. But it did.

Marlo Scott was let go from her high powered media job in 2007 and decided to make her dreams come true. You can read the full story here. Then go ahead and explore the rest of the website. The bottom line is, SHE DID IT. She created an amazing neighborhood cupcake/wine bar with delicious treats, and a vibe that is a far cry from anything cutesy. It literally is one of those places they would show in a New York based movie.

She has gotten amazing critical acclaim from everyplace from CNN to Time Out New York to Serious Eats to New York Magazine. Most importantly, Chase picked her up to be the face of its Ink Small Business campaign. Watch the commercial here (isn’t she SO COOL!!) It is her “sweet revenge” to show “The Man” that she could do what she really loved, her way.

I first met Marlo when the place had been open only a few months. My friend Cole (a chef at Per Se, obviously no food slouch) brought me and my friend Jason there, claiming the cupcakes were outstanding. It was one of my first nights living in the city and the mixture of friends, cupcakes and wine make me super happy. But most wonderful was Marlo herself. She greeted everyone who came in as if they were a long lost friend, talking tirelessly and cheerfully with every inquisitive patron. She was truly engaging, fully genuine and after that night, I went to Sweet Revenge whenever I could. For a pumpkin quiche on a Saturday morning, for a chai with a molasses cookie on a weeknight (had to stop those or I was literally not going to fit in my pants) or parading out of town friends through for cupcakes and champagne. Marlo is a warm, friendly, amazing woman!!

Jason, Marlo, Me and Erin at Sweet Revenge

Ok enough rambling, let’s see the goods.

This is the “Pure” , vanilla cake, vanilla buttercream – anything but boring.

The Sweet Revenge, Vanilla cake with chocolate ganache filling, peanut butter buttercream. The cupcake that won me over. INCREDIBLE.

One of her newer additions – The Casablanca. Pistachio and cardamom cake with rosewater buttercream. Beautiful AND delicious.

I would love to go back to Sweet Revenge and get many more goodies and do a full disclosure on flavors, etc. In fact, for professional blog reasons I almost HAVE to. So that’s why this is part 1. There’s always new, innovative flavors in the works!


One thought on “Sweet Revenge…Part 1

  1. Miss Leandra — I am so touched by your amazing blogpost. I loved every word of it. You and the crew have been such dear supporters of mine since the earliest of days, and I adore you all! I got such a kick out of seeing that photo — awwww! Congrats on doing your blog my dear — very, very proud of you and so tickled to be a part of it! hugs, Marlo

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