My parents now reside in Naples, Florida, in a wonderful house whose food personality is a FAR cry from my childhood Long Island home. I think I’ve touched on this before, the dried apples and unsalted almonds posing as snack foods, the time my mom decided we weren’t going to have dairy and there was no milk for weeks, sweet cereals on my birthday and christmas…I think you get the picture. (I’m THANKFUL for it, mother, believe me!!!!)

Things have changed. The house is full of chips and salsa and good cheeses and fresh baked muffins and artisanal pasta. My parents were always great cooks but now the cabinets are full. They have people from church over every friday and there are all sorts of bars and pies being made!! One night I was displeased with my ice cream choice and my mom told me there were chocolate chip cookies in the outside refrigerator. WHAT??? My head almost exploded. Outside refrigerator? I was there in 2 seconds flat and discovered other strange treasures like ICED TEA!!

The payment for all of this is a killer 8am pilates class….it’s not optional.

ALL THAT BEING SAID, my parents, being super supportive of my food blog career with a major in donuts, found an awesome place in Fort Myers called Bennett’s.

It is a super cute cafe that has a huge local following. They are especially famous for their donuts!

Me hopes my mother approved of me posting this picture!

 The owner makes the donuts fresh every morning.

Just lovely looking! Some amazing flavors like lemon curd and maple pecan, and I was very surprised to see that the bacon trend (which just will not die) made it all the way down there!

On our first round we got the maple pecan and bacon donuts. You can taste how fresh they are. They do have that fried taste, but in an intentional way. DELICIOUS! And I’m a fool for a wax paper covered basket.

Next we went with a glazed and oh…the donut next to it….a raspberry filled almond glazed donut. Friends, this was EVERYTHING a donut should be. A unique flavor combo executed PERFECTLY. The glaze was that good, sweet almond-y flavor that I adore and the jelly was the perfect blend of tart and sweet. One of the best donuts I’ve ever had. REALLY.

Bennett’s is a great little joint with excellent coffee and stand-out donuts. If you are in the area, I highly recommend.

Now, I did photograph our others meals there but they came out so sad looking, even though they were so delicious! So when I return for the holidays, I will be snapping nonstop pictures, so Pop, GET THOSE MUFFINS READY!