Montauk at the Piccolo Residence

***Let me apologize for my lack of entries for the past few weeks! Will not happen again. Especially since I got an iphone. I know I’m a few years behind the bandwagon but GOODNESS GRACIOUS I LOVE THIS LITTLE MACHINE!!! Now, back to July…***


Ices on a beach afternoon from the truck whose name I never remember

Of the millions of you who read my old blog, you may remember my high praise of the Piccolo family’s culinary genius. And my love of being with my friend Lauren in her house in Montauk. Though it is becoming more and more of a hotspot, and I’m sure there are plenty of foodie destinations, none can top the Piccolo household.

Rosa Piccolo is a genius, essentially. She has passed her effortless ways onto her daughter, my dear friend Laur, who is currently on the incredible adventure of living in Italy for a year. Read her blog HERE! Amazing, for a girl who used to get confused opening a new document on microsoft word. In fact, she is more of a food blogger than I’ll ever be….

Now, some Montauk goodness

Oops I lied. First for a quick stop in Ryebrook, NY where the other Piccolo house is. Lauren prepared us an incredible meal, a salad with herbs, goat cheese and sautéed onions, a kimchee type slaw, salmon cakes and chocolate chip cookies (recipe from Naturally Good, my old favorite MTK haunt, now under new ownership) Amazing!! All pictured above.

Breakfast the next morning, delicious eggs, some prosciutto, and Rosa’s classic blueberry pancakes. Can’t stop her.

A mid-day lunch of various salads and frittata.

An AMAZING meal at the neighbors, all freshly caught. Pure summer living.

Burgers and sweet potato fries and quesadillas, all enjoyed in the Piccolo backyard.

God bless Rosa Piccolo!


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