Five Affordable Alternatives To Hot (Expensive) NYC Restaurants

Love this GREAT feature on, giving  Splurge/Steal options.

ABC Kitchen / The Smile  : ABC Kitchen is awesome, and I had the pleasure of eating there for a work event, WOW what a GORGEOUS restaurant…so I am eager to check out The Smile to see how the ambiance racks up.

Ma Peche / Omai:  Huge David Chang fan, but I have heard Ma Peche is exhorbitant and my co-worker just raved about Omai.

Locanda Verde / Epistrophy: I was VERY impressed with Locanda Verde and have never heard of Epistrophy…but wait isn’t that what this article is about?

Recette / The New French: I went to Recette a few weeks after it opened…it has been getting major press since. Now, while it was very good, I found it EXTREMELY pricey AND it was the dreaded small plates. The New French is right around the corner from me so…yeah. Another good idea.

The Breslin / Wilfie and Nell: I love both of these places terribly. TERRIBLY.

Um, don’t take my commentary for it. Read the article. Go to the restaurants. ALL OF THEM. Do it.


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