Blue Hill at Stone Barns

Stone Barns in Tarrytown, NY is just 40 minutes outside the city but feels like it’s a lifetime away. My friend Sam works there (she is a real live farmer) and I have had the joy of seeing the ins and outs of this paradise. There are two locations of its restaurant Blue Hill, one at Stone Barns and one around the corner from me in the West Village. Celebrity chef Dan Barber is a huge force in the whole “farm-to-table” trend. At Blue Hill at Stone Barns, all the food comes from the farm you are eating at (including that cute lamb you were petting earlier.) His concepts are all about having simple, whole foods and the results were….unbelieveable.


On a previous trip to Stone Barns, I sampled some delicious goodies at the cafe

(I was there with my struggling  band, the Peter Finklage Experiment, but that’s another story for another time. The band DID receive free treats. It was our greatest show. Our presence is currently no longer welcome after an incident involving an acoustic version of “Bad Romance”.)


For my DEAR friend Jason’s birthday, we did the 5 course “Farmer’s Feast”. To be honest, it was my first tasting menu (EVER!) I know normally they bring you several dishes before you start, but because Sam was with us, they really treated us well!

Birthday boy

Note: I am embarrassed to say I did not take notes of the meal. I felt conspicuous enough with my camera out and I might not know the exact “name” of each dish. Apologies…all around. Also, it was super dark and the pictures are not great. ooo lets pretend that I meant to make them blurry and arty!

Let’s start by saying the dining room is just STUNNING. It is elegant, rustic farm-chic to the highest degree. The service was impeccable as well.

Here we go:

Cocktail – A blackberry julep. I am not usually partial to fruity drinks, but I like blackberry ones, but it was a BIT heavy on whiskey flavor. Obviously a very well made drink, but someone else ordered some delightful cucumber martini that I coveted.

Next came out delicious little spritzers (here is where the facts start slipping from my mind) involving some sort of bitter italian liqueur and herbs.

A modern crudite, in some sort of wonderful salty brine…(maybe)

I will just say I DON’T KNOW WHAT THIS IS. But it was crunchy and refreshing. And looks cool.

Wineberries.  Pretty.

Um..I want to say squash? UnBELIEVABLY good. So simple. They really allow the food itself to be showcased and not covered up with other flavors (I’ve been watching way too much Top Chef….)

My favorite – “Pea Burgers” Pea puree in some sort of…delicious…”bun” IT WAS GOOD!

More pea… with lardo.

Oh! This one I remember…either spinach…or cabbage or kolrabi…with face bacon. One does not forget face bacon.

“Corn dogs” (Oh Blue Hill  – you so clever!) Some sort of…lightly fried something on corn….I LOVE CORN. This was awesome.

This picture is too bad to publish..but just for the FEEL… it was pork pate with chocolate crisps. THEY’RE INSANE! Mad scientists. Side note I love these stone SLABS.

Gimme that meat plate!

Umm….all that wasn’t even our first course! There it ’tis above. I don’t love gazpacho. I LOVE this gazpacho.

Second course -Salad of fruits and veg. Almost too pretty to eat.

Bread bunnies!

Now they give the bread. With like 3 kinds of salts. Look at that PRESENTATION!

Third course was JUST SIMPLY AN ONION – slow roasted for HOURS – each person got theirs on a slab with all these sauces. Clearly I don’t remember a single one. It was delicious and creative and simple and all kinds of wonderful.

Fourth Course -Lamb brains.

BONUS …meat…

We moved outside for the final hour of our meal (Hour 5) Look at that gorgeous tea cart.

I was too weary and full and delirious to record the last course + bonus desserts. Sorry, suckers.

Oh then there was this:

Sam effortlessly threw together an awesome bday breakfast. MMMMMMM.

Blue Hill at Stone Barns= AMAZING.

(This post is embarrassing. Next time I’ll bring a notebook.)