FREE Snacks (…in the City)

So I got connected to this article via Grubstreet yesterday, about this new delivery service, Max Delivery, whose marketing scheme is to send free snacks to people. Sounds ULTRA sketchy right?

The draw of free treats was enough to make me risk it, but in case it was something creepy, I tested it by sending it to my boyfriend first!

Here are the pictures he sent:

WOW! NEAT! It really worked! Except now I wish I had sent it to MYSELF…..just kidding (not really.)

My sister also got one – Starbucks Double Shot, Apple, Mr. Goodbar (“What am I supposed to do with a Mr. Goodbar?” she asked me in disgust. She refrains not because full sized candy bars for 24 year old females are socially unacceptable, but because actually she doesn’t want them. FASCINATING!)

NOTE: Ok, I realize when I began Snacks and the City, I think I made promises of some sort of high class food culture life with a lot of restaurants involved. And yet my most recent posts have involved virtual donuts and Mr. Goodbars. REST ASSURED: when the temp here in the city dips belows 97 and humid, I’ll be back at it, blowing my hard earned money on interesting cuisine! Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “FREE Snacks (…in the City)

  1. Mike Kingsbaker

    I like Sammy’s super max snack!! And can’t believe there is no mention on this blog about the Reese’s Smores made up in Newport!!!! It’s a whole new world!!!

  2. leandralyon

    The lack of documentation was a terrible misstep! But I think the real loss from the weekend was the elusive summertime special dunkin donut.

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