Who orders that?

It’s time to play “who orders that?” at Snacks and the City.

Now clearly this blog shows my love of treats, to excess and while I do try to eat well, I’m always down to try a crazy indulgence.

This, my friends, is an entirely different ballgame. Today, we examine the Caramel Cinnamon Swirl French Toast from Friendly’s.

Examine it.

I feel slightly bad hating on Friendly’s because I did LOVE going there as a child (probably because our meals at home were like, tempeh over kale with apples for dessert, a fact which I’m thank ful for now, but at the age of 9 I was bewildered and hungry).  I digress….

The descriptor is as follows: A cinnamon roll split in half and prepared like French toast. Served with sweetened Philadelphia® whipped cream cheese, warm caramel topping, our new Maple Syrup ice cream, and whipped topping.

Let’s see that again in slow motion.

A cinnamon roll (Already, a lot going on) PREPARED like french toast. That means like, slathered in who knows what and fried on a griddle. Served with SWEETENED CREAM CHEESE. Thats frosting, gang. Warm caramel topping. ICE CREAM (this is no longer breakfast, ps) and whipped topping!!!!

WHAT??? Even if that was a sundae it would be overkill and its on the breakfast menu. I feel like the body would shut down just looking at this thing.

I actually don’t feel bad hating on Friendly’s because I recently read this article about an equally disgusting mac and cheese quesadilla on the KIDS menu, with over 2,000 calories and a rep from Friendly’s said something about parents having choices and this is just one of them. Are you kidding me? Absurd!!


2 thoughts on “Who orders that?

  1. Kelly Bishop

    Simply cracking up reading this one. IT’S SO TRUE. I have had strikingly similar thoughts to one IHOP menu item (which I am assuming was a special and would explain why I can’t find it on the online menu): 3 or 4 buttermilk pancakes drizzled with caramel, butterscotch, candied pecans and whip cream. I mean come onnnnnn! Ridiculous.
    I love you and I love Snacks and the City.

  2. leandralyon

    Kell, we really are of the same mind. Next who orders that entries will most definately be from ihop with a shout out to you!!!

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