Counter Space Exhibit at the MoMa


(Trying to insert some CLASS into this blog, as the last post clearly shows it needs some.)

I’m not HUGE on museums, but when I LOVE finding an exhibit that interests me. My taste runs more to the sort of sterile, modern type (Exhibit A) but thats besides the point.

Here is what the website says:

Counter Space explores the twentieth-century transformation of the kitchen and highlights MoMA’s recent acquisition of an unusually complete example of the iconic “Frankfurt Kitchen,” designed in 1926–27 by the architect Grete Schütte-Lihotzky. In the aftermath of World War I, thousands of these kitchens were manufactured for public-housing estates being built around the city of Frankfurt-am-Main in Germany. Schütte-Lihotzky’s compact and ergonomic design, with its integrated approach to storage, appliances, and work surfaces, reflected a commitment to transforming the lives of ordinary people on an ambitious scale.”

I look forward to checking out this exhibit!


One thought on “Counter Space Exhibit at the MoMa

  1. uhhhh this sounds like a perfect date for you and Robert! He would be totally into this ishh… have you gone yet?

    hoping to see some Mtk pics soon…

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